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** This item was kindly sent to me by jolse.com in exchange for my honest review.

Cushions, cushions, cushions. Oh, how I love buying and collecting them! I always get excited every time I get a new cushion foundation or BB cream. Who doesn’t?

This SAAT INSIGHT ALL DAY FIXER CUSHION is the newest addition to my collection and I am loving it so far. Just like most of the cushions that I have, this one is made in South Korea.


First, let’s talk about the packaging. It came in a box that looks pretty and classy. It has a marble design with pink, white, and black color combination. Check out the first 2 images above to see how pretty it is!

The cushion case is simple yet luxurious. I love how elegant the pastel pink and silver combination looks. It doesn’t look and feel cheap at all. It’s quite sturdy and it looks like I can reuse the case once the product is used up. I am not sure if cushion foundations from other brands could fit in it, though.

Unlike other cushion sponges that I used before, SAAT INSIGHT ALL DAY FIXER CUSHION’s sponge is pink. I love how color-coordinated everything in this cushion is! The sponge is easy to use.


Now, let’s talk about the product itself. When I first applied it on my face, I noticed that it made my skin look bright and dewy, and I felt some stickiness. It has a slight flowery scent, but not bothering.

If you look at the fifth photo above, you’ll think that the shade is quite dark. However, when I applied the product on my skin, the shade looked too light for my skin tone (I usually get shade #23 when buying cushion foundations). I also noticed that it made my face look a little gray. The coverage is light to medium and it’s buildable. If you look at the sixth photo above (no filter!), you’ll see that my blemishes are still visible. I think it’s perfect for those who have good skin condition and prefer sheer coverage.

What I really liked about this cushion is how moisturizing it is. It made my skin look and feel plump and hydrated. I think it’s because it contains tone up essence and anti-wrinkle ingredients. SPF 50+ is also a plus! It’s summer here in the Philippines right now and I need to protect my skin from the harmful sun rays.

I have oily skin so it made my face look really dewy. I will still use this but I think I’ll put a setting powder on top of it.

This product claims to bring back moisture, heal, and brighten the skin. I think it does all of that, but I wish there are other shades to choose from. Unfortunately, this item only comes in 1 shade.


It’s original price is $30.55, but as of the writing of this post, it only costs $25.97! Take advantage of the sale!


All in all, I recommend this cushion for people who have fair, dry skin and for those who prefer sheer coverage. If you like makeup with skin care benefits, this one’s worth a try!

Want to give this a try? Click this link: SAAT INSIGHT ALL DAY FIXER CUSHION 14.5g


If you have questions or want to share your experience with this cushion, please don’t hesitate to comment down below! I would love to hear your thoughts.