5 Simple Ways to Look Younger

Age is just a number. If you think that you cannot do anything to make your aging skin look radiant and more youthful, then you’re wrong. There are actually simple steps that you can do in order to look younger than your age.

Choose Your Skin Care Products Wisely

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It is always important to know which skin care products work best for you. According to everydayhealth.com, the three powerful ingredients that you should look for when shopping for skin care products are antioxidants, retinoids, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Antioxidants, like Vitamin C, help brighten the skin. Retinoids are responsible in increasing cell turnover and stimulating collagen renewal, so it is also important to include them in your routine. Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliators will help in removing the top layer of your dead skin cells.

Wear SPF – It’s a Must!

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SPF should be used every single day – no matter what the season. Yes, SPF is a must even during chilly or rainy days. Sun damage could cause not only wrinkles but also skin cancer. It is recommended to use an SPF 30 (at least). Some SPFs provide multiple benefits because they contain vitamins and ingredients that help moisturize the skin.

Avoid Heavy Foundation

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If you want to look much younger than your age, you need to take it easy on your foundation. As much as possible, avoid powder-based foundation and use moisturizing foundation or a tinted-moisturizer instead. It is also good to add a primer to your makeup routine because it could minimize your dark circles, fill in your lines and pores, make your makeup last longer, and help in applying your foundation smoothly.

Do you love to wear makeup? Here’s an extra tip for you. Avoid bold and bright eye shadows or any product that contain glitter or shimmer. Why? Glittery and shimmery makeup products will make your wrinkles look more noticeable.


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Using moisturizer twice a day (every morning and night) will help you look more youthful. Don’t forget your neck! You may also use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your face and neck and this can be done once or twice a week. According to shruv.com, drinking water can boost your anti-aging skin care. Water can keep your body and skin sufficiently hydrated.

Take Care of Your Hands

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Your hands are important too, so don’t forget them! Wearing gloves while washing dishes and continuous moisturizing will help your hands look more youthful. Add protection and extra moisture to your hands by applying lotion before putting on your rubber gloves.

Can you think of other simple ways to make your skin look younger? Share them in the comments below!


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