3 Things to Prepare for Your Summer Beach Getaway

Going on a beach getaway soon? That’s great! Now that you have already planned for it, the next step is preparation. Whether you are going with your significant other, girlfriends, family, or by yourself, you need to prepare everything that you need on your vacation.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring a lot of stuff to the beach. In this article, we will talk about the 3 important things that you need to prepare or bring on your next holiday vacation.

1. Packing Checklist

A beach packing checklist is essential because it will help you identify the things that you will need and not overpack. Make sure to include the following in your list: cash, credit cards, beach luggage, bathing suit, tank tops, shorts, underwear, pajamas, sandals, hat, sunglasses, a good book, sunscreen, camera, mobile phone, charger, power bank, and toiletries. If you are bringing some work on your trip, you will need to include your laptop or tablet computer in the list.

2. Travel Documents

Whether you are traveling internationally or domestically, you will always need to bring your IDs. Keep them in your carry on or money belt.

3. Yourself

Don’t you want to look good on your Instagram photos? Since this is going to be a beach holiday, you want to make sure that your body is beach-ready. In addition to having a good figure, you should also make sure that your skin will look and feel smooth and fresh.

Wondering how to achieve flawless skin that looks perfect for Instagram snaps? The quick and easy way to do it is by waxing. However, if you want to get rid of your unwanted hairs permanently and immediately without feeling any pain, get an Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal instead.

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Awesome Adventures to Experience in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the Asian destinations that are popular to tourists. Aside from shopping, you can do a lot of things there! In this article, we will talk about the fun things that you can do to enjoy your upcoming Hong Kong trip.

How adventurous are you? What if it is your first time to go to Hong Kong? Which places should you visit? Which types of food should you try? What things should you do or not do?

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If you are going to Hong Kong for the first time, don’t fret. I highly suggest booking tours so that you can make the most of your trip. Let the experts take you to the best places to visit. Let them show you the foods that you should try.

Doing your research beforehand would be helpful. You will find a lot of information online about the popular attractions and foods, but what if you want to discover hidden and breathtaking adventures in Hong Kong? If that is the case, then Little Adventures in Hong Kong can help you.

Now, let’s talk about what Little Adventures in Hong Kong offers. They provide walking tours, food tours, mini tours, and culinary walking tours to their customers. Their team consists of top journalists, food writers, and local professionals. They aim to provide their customers an insider’s perspective on Hong Kong. Their founder and director Daisann McLane built the company in 2009 to bring corporate executives, expats, food lovers, and global nomads closer to Hong Kong’s cuisine and culture.

Walking Tours

Little Adventures in Hong Kong provides insightful and smart walking tours. Their private walks will take you to unexpected paths that will show you how beautiful Hong Kong is. Their tour guides will show you what makes the city special.

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Food Tours

Little Adventures in Hong Kong food tour guides provide authoritative, private, and customized Hong Kong food tours. How awesome is that? They will help you find the best of the best local dishes (from humble to fine dining). They will also give you a Hong Kong food experience that matches your taste and experience level. They also provide complimentary access to their foodie resources which include a list of recommended restaurants, a list of street food and noodle shop tips, and personal advice on where to eat (and why). In other words, you will get a professionally curated Hong Kong food experience from the first until the last day of your trip.

Mini Tours

Mini tours are recommended for tourists who only have a short time to visit Hong Kong. With Little Adventures in Hong Kong’s mini tours, you will get a quick yet intensive introduction of the city and its food.

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Culinary Tours

Culinary tours are perfect for tourists who want to expand their knowledge of the city’s culinary culture. Tourists get new tools for their kits. In addition to that, they also learn culinary techniques as well as special ingredients used in Cantonese cuisine.

Which among these tours would you like to try out?


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5 Exciting Things to Do in Dubai

If you love traveling, Dubai should definitely be included in your bucket list. A lot of people think that Dubai is synonymous to the word “luxury.” This rich city is not only known for luxury shopping. It also boasts amazing ultramodern architecture and vibrant nightlife scene. I love traveling and I think there is no reason why Dubai shouldn’t be in anyone’s Asian tour bucket list.

Here are five exciting things that you should experience on your upcoming or next Dubai visit.

Check out the skyscrapers

As I have previously mentioned, Dubai is home to jaw-dropping ultramodern architecture. Its beautiful, skyscraper-filled skyline is undeniably extraordinary. Burj Khalifa, which is also known as Burj Dubai, dominates the city’s skyline. The 829.8-meter (equivalent to 2,722 feet) also beats every country’s tallest building. It has been hailed as the world’s tallest building and structure since it’s inauguration in 2010.

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The famous Dubai fountain lies at the foot of Burj Khalifa. It features lights and jets that dance harmoniously with music. Atlantis, The Palm is a posh resort that is located not far from Burj Khalifa. It is a perfect attraction for people who love to experience memorable water activities. If you want to see marine animals, you should not miss going to Atlantis, The Palm!

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Another popular skyscraper that you shouldn’t miss on your Dubai getaway is the iconic Burj Al Arab. This sail-shaped hotel lies near the Jumeirah Beach – a public beach that is popular for its beautiful stretch of sand.

Visit attractions in Old Dubai

Even though Dubai is a very modern city, it also has a traditional side and you shouldn’t miss it. Old Dubai is the window into the city locals’ day-to-day life. If you want to have an overview of what the locals do on a daily basis, you’ll enjoy this destination. Visiting Old Dubai is a good way to understand how the city has prospered. Dubai Creek is historically divided into 2 sections namely Bur Dubai and Deira. Bur Dubai is considered as the historical district that is located on west side of Deira and Dubai Creek. Deira is an area that is bordered by Dubai Creek, Persian Gulf, and Sharjah.

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Some of the best things to check out in Old Dubai include Dubai Museum, Dubai Heritage Village, Dubai Creek, Dubai Old Souk, Bastakiya Quarter, Grand Souk Deira, Gold Souk, and Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House.

Have a desert experience

If desert experience is your main reason for visiting Dubai, I can say that you’ve made the right decision. There are remarkable desert activities in the city other than Desert Safaris. The city is indeed home to destinations that will give you fun, memorable, and unique desert experience.

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If you love camping with your family or friends, I recommend Al Qudra Desert. This desert is just an hour drive from the city proper. Even Dubai locals love to go back and camp with their loved ones in this desert.

If off-roading is your thing, you’ll never regret going to Sweihan Desert. This desert is located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. If you love trekking, Jabal Al Jais Mountain is the place to be. This mountain is one of the tallest in the city.

Rent a yacht

Did you know that a lot of tourists always look for yacht rental in Dubai? Whether it’s your first or a hundred first yacht experience, you’ll surely love each and every yacht rental Dubai Marina experience you’ll have. Whether you prefer to sail alone or with a group of friends or family members, there is always a perfect yacht size that you can rent in Dubai.

By renting a yacht in Dubai, you will discover the luxury and peace of sailing into the city’s open sea. Stand on the white deck and watch the sunset. This is a perfect romantic getaway idea, too!

Shop ‘til you drop

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Oh, come on. Who doesn’t love to shop? After all of your exciting yet tiring activities in Dubai, you deserve a whole day of luxury shopping. Treat yourself in some of the ginormous shopping centers in the city, including Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Dubai Mall is known for its Olympic-size ice-skating rink. On the other hand, the latter features Ski Dubai’s indoor slopes.

Which of these make you feel excited about your first or next Dubai trip?