5 T-shirts You Need in Your Wardrobe

A T-shirt is one of the non-negotiable closet staples. Because it is considered as a wardrobe must-have, a lot of ladies invest in so many T-shirts that they end up not wearing some (or all) of them. In order to avoid making the mistake of buying too many fashion pieces, you should know the essential items to invest your money in. Here are the five kinds of T-shirts you need in your wardrobe.

5 T-shirts You Need in Your Wardrobe

Round Neck T-shirt

A round neck T-shirt is a classic piece that you should keep in your closet. If you want to look girly, you can easily pair it with your favorite skirt. If you are going for an all-American look, you can pair it with your favorite jeans.

V-neck T-shirt

If you want to make your body look slender and taller, wearing a V-neck tee is the way to go! It is definitely one of the most flattering fashion pieces that you should have in your wardrobe.

White T-shirt

Who doesn’t have a white T-shirt in their closet? A white tee is one of the basic fashion pieces, but it’s fresh and breezy. If you don’t feel like wearing your cami dress on it’s own, just wear your trusty white shirt underneath and you’re all set!

Black T-shirt

A black tee is probably one of the most simple yet versatile fashion pieces that you can get.

Here are some of the ways on how to style a plain black T-shirt:

  1. Wear it with all black for a sleek look.
  2. Wear it with a pair of high-waisted jeans.
  3. Pair it with a mini skirt.
  4. Wear a flannel over it for an effortlessly cool look.
  5. Pair it with a midi skirt.
  6. Wear it with overalls.
  7. Wear it with formal skirt and evening shoes.

Graphic T-shirt

If you want a casual yet edgy OOTD, wear a fun graphic shirt!


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